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Connection can exist at any level of our being: We can be mentally linked, emotionally linked, energetically linked, and/or physically linked to something.

The Connection Process presents three powerful esoteric processes that restore you from a state of separation to a state of connection with yourself and others. By engaging in the processes, youll be able to:

perceive fundamental truths about yourself, and others;

see, hear, feel, and understand yourself and others; and

develop a deep sense of connectedness with the world.

Think about how good it would feel for someone to completely understand youand how great it would be if they were so perceptive of your internal world that they knew exactly what you need or what to say. Think of how good it would be to enjoy harmony in your relationships instead of suffering through conflicts.

Connect with yourself, others, and the world around you with your heart, body, emotion, and mindand enjoy the lasting joy that comes from making true connections.