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Welcome to Teal's Self-Mastery Bundle! Contained inside will be the entire collection of Meditations, eBooks, and Audiobooks available on our shop:


1. Meet Your Spirit Guide
2. Discover Your Self Concept
3. Attracting Your Soul Mate
4. Give It Back (Shadow Meditation)
5. Merging With Your Future Self
6. Feel Good
7. Forgiveness
8. Stress Relief
9. Healthy Boundaries
10. Tree Meditation
11. Light Healing
12. Meet Your Spirit Animal
13. The Body Breath
14. Cutting Cords
15. Replacing The Pain
16. The Sanctuary
17. River Release
18. Financial Abundance
19. Loneliness
20. Gayatri
21. Crown Chakra Opening
22. Openness
23. Heartbeat
24. Dissolving Stuckness
25. Healing the Masculine Wound
26. Womb Healing
27. Calming Your Fear
28. Powerful Protection
29. Rapid Relaxation


1. The Sculptor In The Sky
2. Self Empowerment Teachings

Audio Books:

1. The Connection Process
2. The Sculptor In The Sky

*We cannot include eBooks or Audiobooks that are of books of a Third Party Publisher. What is included are our self-published eBooks and Audiobooks. See our FAQ page to find these books.

Each of these items can be found individually in our store should you want to read their descriptions.

Recommended: When you purchase the bundle, be sure to download the .ZIP file with all of the products onto a computer rather than a phone because of the large file size (1.5 GB)

**Note: You are purchasing the Self-Mastery Bundle that was created for all digital products to-date through February 2021. The price and size of the content within the bundle will rise as products get added to it with each year; if you purchased an older version of the bundle for example that now had a new audiobook added to it later, we are not able to honor the new items for free to those who purchased the bundle previously. When you purchase this item, you agree to understand that any new items added to the bundle in the future will have to be individually purchased separately.

We hope you enjoy! This content will be delivered to you via a link sent to your email immediately upon purchasing :)